Your egg bank

We offer our broad experience going back more than 25 years in the selection and management of oocyte donors to offer your patients treatment with full guarantees.

Our oocyte bank offers a rapid, efficient, safe and high-quality service.

Let us form part of your team!

High-quality eggs

Customised ovarian stimulation protocols and strict monitoring of the oocyte donor cycle.
The broad experience of our team of senior embryologists guarantees strict assessment of the oocytes. Only MII oocytes of the highest quality are vitrified.

Streamlined management

Our management system is designed to provide you with a rapid response in two simple steps.

Upon the basis of your request, we will offer you a candidate egg donor and, once she has been accepted, the process will be launched immediately, within fewer than 24 hours.

OXX go! - traceability

Our OXX go! traceability system enables us to offer the option of real-time GPS tracking of the location of the container and strict control of any variation in the temperature. You will be able to track the shipment of the vitrified oocytes.

Personalised care

We form part of your team before, during and after the treatment. The OXX bank team will be available to respond quickly and effectively to any queries which may arise.
We will provide you with a wide range of services, including initial tutorised thawing, devitrification protocols, etc.

Donor selection

Extremely strict selection criteria, including the genetic carrier test for all oocyte donors (recessive monogenic diseases).

At the same time, donors carrying cystic fibrosis, SMN1, fragile X syndrome and diseases linked to the X chromosome are always discarded.

Customised options

You can choose from a wide range of phenotypes, including non-Caucasian ones, and decide on the most appropriate oocyte pack for your egg donation treatment.

We adapt to your needs with BASIC, STANDARD and PLUS oacks.

Choose your egg pack

Know our conditions and solve your doubts

Ask for ovules step by step

Fill the form

Fill the form

e confirm availability

We confirm availability

Confirm your order

Confirm your order

Receive it

Receive it

Shipping and delivery times

In OXX bank shipments are made in containers of absorbed liquid nitrogen approved for land, air or sea transport, which ensure the maintenance of the proper temperature throughout the journey. The OXX system go! allows you to track your order in real time and records the temperature of the sample throughout the journey so you can check it once received.

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